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Restaurants along Montenegrin coast

Montenegrin coast although not so big as Croatian or Greece is very rich with fabulous places where you can have some delicious meals, in natural or some exotic ambient which will leave you with feel that makes you come again and again.

Since we are working in yachting industry, we got a lot of feedback from our clients that have traveled worldwide and visited some of the world famous places and yet they are thrilled and delighted when visit Montenegro and some places that we suggest.

So here are just some of the restaurants that we suggest them, that are near ports or anchorages, that will leave you or someone that you will take there amazed for sure.

1. Dukley Beach Lounge - Budva

On the site overlooking city of Budva, just across island of Saint Nicola, in modern complex of buildings is located this amazing place. Modern, stylish, with note of elegance that in a must have touch this is restaurant which will fit all your needs. One public beach, and two secluded places which can be place for your intimate or VIP dinner are perfect for everyday or special occasion variant. Executive chef Dusan Lazor leads a team of professionals that in open kitchen show will demonstrate you a master level of cuisine wonders. Mediterranean cuisine or any kind of your demands will be fulfilled on your request. You can leave your boat in anchorage in front of restaurant or you can berth it in Dukley marina in Budva and then take 10 minutes drive to it.
Restaurant near marina Budva
Restaurant in Budva
Dukley Beach Lounge 
Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-00:00
Address: Zavala Peninsula, Budva 85310
Phone: +382 69 160 004

2. ''Galion'' - Kotor

This is very specific restaurant, since part of it is above sea in Marina of Kotor. Galion is exclusive, reservation only place. Seafood is most dominant but not limited only to it, since you can find something that will suits all your needs. If you berth your yacht in Kotor, it is a five minutes walk distance to the restaurant. From restaurant there is astonishing view on bay and walls of the old town of Kotor that rise above it all the way to fortress of San Giovanni.
Restaurant near marina Kotor
Restaurant "Galion"
Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00 (November-April)
                            12:00-00:00 (May-October)
Address: Suranj bb, Kotor 85330
Phone: +382 32 325 054

3. Restaurant ''Stari Mlini'' - Kotor

Ten minutes drive from Marina Kotor will take you to secluded place in privacy of an old house where restaurant is located. If you wish you can come to it directly with your yacht or tender, since there is dock for 15 boats right in front of it. Mostly fresh seafood can be found here, prepared for you in traditional style which is distinctive for this part of Montenegro. You can also taste some of Montenegrin traditional wines and brandies that will make you relive true Montenegrin gourmet experience.
Restaurant in Boka Bay
Restaurant "Stari Mlini"
Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-00:00
Address: Ljuta bb, Kotor 85330
Phone: +382 32 333 555

4. Restaurant "Olive" - Sveti Stefan, Budva

Across one of most famous resorts and Montenegrin postcard landscapes peninsula of Sveti Stefan is restaurant Olive. Perfect combination of Greek, Mediterranean, and international cuisine this restaurant is open all year round. Sunsets with this view are splendid, something that will carve in you memories for your lifetime. Each summer, lots of yachts are anchored around Sveti Stefan, so it is good to find your right place on time.
Restaurant in Sveti Stefan
Restaurant "Olive"
Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-22:00
Address: Sveti Stefan 85310
Phone: +382 69 187 988

5. Verige65 - Verige strait, Boka Bay

This is newly opened place, but his position and specific architectural style makes him very noticable, since it is located in most famous strait in Boka Bay called Verige. It resemble us on boat that have landed on shore and melted with it. Cuisine is international, modern, with variety of seafood and meat in offer. There is dock in front of restaurant so you can come directly with your vessel in front of it. You can watch boats passing strait, even enormous cruiser, which can often be breathtaking.
Restaurant in Boka Bay
Restaurant "Verige65"
Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-00:00 (winter season)
                            08:00-01:00 (summer season)
Address: 19 E65, Kostanjica, 85330 Kotor
Phone: +382 67 656 575

6. Restaurant "NOBU", Sveti Stefan, Budva

Nobu Montenegro is part of world famous franchise of restaurants, owned by even more famous actor Robert De Niro, known for their fine dining and ellegance. With perfection in every detail, this restaurant offers you specific Japanese cuisine, carefully chosen to leave every visitor in wonder. Whole ambient is fulfilled with amazing view on Sveti Stefan. Reservations are not obligatory, but are recommended.
Restaurant Japanese cuisine in Montenegro
Restaurant "Nobu"
Hours: Restaurant open during summer months
Address: Sveti Stefan 85310
Phone: +382 69 133 158

7. Restaurant "Savoia" - Bar, Montenegro

A short walk from marina in Bar to the city center will take you to restaurant Savoia. Located in residential building this is definitely surprise when you enter it, everything is made with taste, thinking of details, making private rooms that guarantee you total privacy and discretion. One closed terrace, one open in shade of pine trees. Executive chef spent lot of time in Italy which had great impact on menu, so dominant is Mediterranean cuisine with note of Italian proficiency. Various sweet delights are just one of things that will make come again and again.
Restaurant near marina Bar
Restaurant "Savoia"
Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-00:00
Address: Jovana Tomaševića 16, Bar 85000
Phone: +382 30 311 214, +382 69 633 333

8. ''Kod Miska'' - Ada Bojana, Ulcinj

One of oldest restaurants in this part of Montenegro, this is a must visit place if you like seafood. On the natural border of Albania and Montenegro, where river Bojana enters Adriatic, this restaurant is located. You can anchor your yacht and then come with tender through this small fisherman village, or organize someone to come for you, but anyway, it will be worth. Prepared in traditional ways, fresh fish which is caught every day is served for you, and this combination will leave you speechless. Fish in salt is just on of meals that is an experience for itself, from serving to taste.
Restaurant - Ada Bojana
Restaurant "Kod Miška"
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00
Address: Ada Bojana, Ulcinj 85360
Phone: +382 69 324 346

9. ''The Dining Room" - Regent Porto Montenegro, Tivat

Located in heart of one of world best marina, Porto Montenegro, this restaurant offers you real five star premium feel. Part of one of most luxurious hotels in Montenegro, Regent, this restaurant serves variety of cuisine combination, international with touch of Montenegrin sense, gives a traditional thought a supreme quality. As you can leave your yacht for long therm berth or just visit Tivat, this restaurant will certainly become place to stop and have at least one memorable meal. During season various culture and music entertainment performances are held in restaurant.
Restaurant near marina Porto Montenegro
The Dining Room - Regent Porto Montenegro
Hours: Mon-Sun 07:00-22:00
                            07:00-23:00 (summer season)
Address: Porto Montenegro, Tivat 85320
Phone:  +382 32 660 660

10. ''Konoba Catovica mlini'' - Morinj, Boka Bay

Last but definitely not the least, this is place where all your senses will be delighted. Between Herceg Novi and Kotor, you will find this oasis of taste, with wide selection of small domestic wine producers one of best seafood is served here. Whole ambient is astonishing, swans and ducks are swimming freely, nature is almost intact and all of that is less then hundred meters from sea. You can anchor your yacht in vicinity and come directly to restaurant with your tender, even helipad is on site so all kinds of access are available.
Restaurant in Boka Bay
Restaurant "Catovica mlini"
Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-21:00 (winter season)
                            11:00-23:00 (summer season)
Address: 85338 Morinj, Boka Bay
Phone: +382 32 373 030

These are just some of restaurants that we have mentioned. Based on our personal experience and on information that we got from our clients that have visited Montenegro. We can organize you tasting, events and tours in all parts of  Montenegro, which will be suited your wishes.

You can contact us for cooperation and credits.

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