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Regattas calendar in 2020 - Montenegro

February 2020


In organization of: Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”
Place of organization: Herceg Novi
Class: LAS, LRD, L4.7, OPT

March 2020

In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat
Class: J70

April 2020

In organization of: Sailing Club “Delfin”
Place of organization: Tivat

Boka Bay - Regatta
Regatta in Boka Bay

May 2020


In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat
Class: Open ORC

“EST 105"
In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat
Class: Open ORC

In organization of: Sailing Club “Lahor”
Place of organization: Kotor
Class: OPT, L4.7, LRD, LAS

In organization of: Sailing Club “Delfin” Tivat
Place of organization: Traste Bay
Class: OPT, L4.7, LRD, LAS

In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat
Class: J70

In organization of: Sailing Club “Latinsko jedro”
Place of organization: Bar

June 2020

In organization of: Sailing Club “Delfin”
Regatta - Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
PMYC Regatta
Place of organization: Traste Bay
Class: LAS, LRD

In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat

In organization of: Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”
Place of organization: Herceg Novi
Class: LAS, LRD, L4.7, OPT

In organization of: Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”
Place of organization: Herceg Novi
Class: OPT, L4.7, LRD, LAS

In organization of: Sailing Club “Jovo Dabović”
Place of organization: Baosici

July 2020

In organization of: Sailing Club“Lahor”
Place of organization: Kotor
Class: OPT, L 4.7, LRD, LAS

In organization of: Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”, Sailing Club “Cavtat”
Place of organization: Cavtat – Herceg Novi 

In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat
Fasinada cup in Boka Bay
Fasinada kup

In organization of: Sailing Club “Lahor”
Place of organization: Kotor

August 2020

In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat

In organization of: Sailing Club “Jovo Dabović”
Place of organization: Baosici
Class: LAS, LRD, L4.7, OPT

In organization of: Sailing Club “Lahor”, Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”, Sailing club “Delfin”

In organization of: Sailing Club “Delfin”
Place of organization: Tivat
Class: OPT, L4.7, LRD, LAS

In organization of: Sailing Club “Mornar”
Place of organization: Tivat

In organization of: Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”
Place of organization: Herceg Novi
Traste Bay
Luštica Bay Cup

In organization of: Sailing Club “Lahor”, Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”, Sailing Club “Delfin”
Place of organization: Trašte Bay

September 2020

In organization of: Sailing Club “Delfin”
Place of organization: Tivat

In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat
Class: ORC

In organization of: Sailing Club “Latinsko jedro”
Place of organization: Bar

October 2020

In organization of: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Place of organization: Tivat

In organization of: Sailing Club “Jugole Grakalić”
Class: LAS, LRD, L4.7, OPT

November 2020

In organization of: Sailing Club “Delfin”
Place of organization: Tivat
Class: LAS, LRD, L4.7, OPT

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Wintering in Montenegro

If you are currently cruising the Mediterranean or considering where to winter your boat, Montenegro is an ideal homeport for you. Marinas in Montenegro are able to devote exceptional attention to all the yachts and superyachts in its care. In this central Mediterranean location, you will find stunning wild beauty, good facilities and friendly staff, which will make you feel like home. 

Why to choose Montenegro for winter berth? 

  • The VAT is calculated and paid at a reduced rate of 7% for service provided in the marinas; 
  • Montenegro is not a member of the EU, offering some of the nautical benefits; 
  • Montenegrin marinas offer maximum safety and protection for yachts, which is certainly one of the most important items in choosing a winter berth; 
  • Onsite repair and maintenance facilities at 3 nearby boatyards; 
  • There are three airports nearby: airport Tivat, Podgorica airport and airport Dubrovnik. They are well connected by regular charter flights and owners can also lend in private jets; 
  • Interesting activities for the crew community during the winter period (wine tasting, regattas, hiking);
  • As a part of nautical settlements along the Montenegrin coast, there are elite restaurants with international and local specialties, luxury villas with beautiful sea view, prestigious boutiques, etc. 
Marina Luštica Bay, winter berth
Luštica Bay

Since this winter, the marina offer in Montenegro is richer for one more marina, Portonovi - Herceg Novi. 

These are marinas in Montenegro where you can find winter shelter: 

42° 26' 03' N 18° 41'33' E
Max length – 250m
Max draught – 12m
Marina VHF – 71

42° 43' N 18° 59' E 
Max length – 120m 
Marina VHF – 16 

42° 23' 00'' N 18° 40'00'' E 
Max length – 45m 
Max draught – 4m 
Marina VHF – 68 

42° 05' N i 19° 05' E 
Max length – 35m 
Max draught – 3-5m 
Marina VHF – 16 

42°16' 49'' N 18°50' 18.6'' E 
Max length – 65m 
Max draught – 6m 
Marina VHF – 8 

42° 25' N 18° 47' E 
Max length – unlimited 
Max draught – 8.5m 
Marina VHF – 16 

For the best offer of winter berths in Montenegro, contact Yacht Agent Montenegro!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Events in September

Events in September / Porto Montenegro and Luštica bay

September 1
Luštica Bay, 11:00 AM
Lustica Bay
Luštica Bay Cup (Source:Luštica Bay)

September 1-30
Porto Montenegro, NHC, Every day 09:00 AM-10:00 PM
Dragojevic belongs to a family of Mediterranean painters. His works present him as an artist of hyperrealism, prome to shrewd surrealistic observation and obsessed with sea and underwater world, shores and monuments.

September 6-8
Tivat City Centre
The first festival of this kind brings the flavours of cultures from three different continents. The festival combines a gastro and music experience by hosting food presentations from countries where guest bands come from.

September 14
Luštica Bay, 09:00 PM
Music, street art, workshops, and public debates come out to multicultural Luštica Bay for a celebration of cultures that you can be part of.

September 14-15
Luštica Bay, 07:00 PM
Our first ever Aquathlon, a two-stage race involving swimming followed by running. Our Aquathlon welcomes everyone from beginners to professional triathletes to try out in this all-day event.

Tango i Tačka
Port of Tango (Source:Porto Montenegro)
September 19-22
Porto Montenegro, PMYC Pool & NHC
Port of Tango is a seaside tango event organised by „Tango i Tačka“ from Podgorica and „Tango Natural“ from Belgrade. The event will welcome 200 tangueras from all over Europe and international DJs.

September 21
Porto Montenegro, Murano Restaurant, 07:00 PM
Devour a five-course truffle dinner alongside the Italian Chansons – a traditional event at the Regent Hotel bringing regional flavours and some of the best Istrian truffles to the menu.
Entertainment: Acoustic guitar and soothing vocals of Jelena Matisorovic.

September 22
Adriatic sea
The Sailing Club of Rijeka (SCOR) and Porto Montenegro Yacht Club (PMYC) co-cost this offshore regatta that begins and ends in the Croatian city of Rijeka, with Tivat as the half-way point - a course of around 300 miles. Participants can choose to enter both legs or a single leg.

September 28-29
Luštica Bay, 12:00 AM
In honor of the international neighborhood of Luštica Bay (over 35 nationalities!), we are hosting a Food Festival to celebrate our represented countries and their cuisines.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Dining out in Montenegro 2019

Montenegro is ready to surprise you with national cuisine and dishes that until now you maybe haven’t had the opportunity to taste. There is a rich selection of exclusive restaurants along the Montenegrin coast, offering a wide variety of gastronomic treasure. Whether you are a gourmet or not, if you choose seafood specialties or some of the traditional Montenegrin dishes, you will certainly not remain indifferent.

Visit and enjoy!

Aman - Sveti Stefan


Wonderful romantic location for watching the sunset, situated in the heart of charming isle Sveti Stefan. This restaurant offers amazing combinations of food and unforgettable tastes of Montenegrin domestic products.

Address: Sveti Stefan 85315, Montenegro
Phone number: +382 33 420 184
Email: amansvetistefan@aman.com

Nobu - Sveti Stefan


Nobu Montenegro is the part of world famous franchise of restaurants, owned by even more famous actor Robert De Niro. With perfect tastes of Japanese cuisine and beautiful ambient, the atmosphere will be completed by special Nobu cocktails which, like Nobu Sake, are produced exclusively for Nobu restaurants.

Address: Sveti Stefan 85315, Montenegro
Phone number: +382 69 133 158

Club A – Budva

Club A
A paradise for hedonists situated in the heart of Budva, under the shelter of a carefully groomed garden and shade of magnolia and palm trees. Guests will enjoy all the delights of the cuisine that combines continental fullness of taste and Mediterranean charm, based on authenticity and proven quality.

Address: Jadranski put 85310, Budva
Phone number: +382 68 111 122
Email: info@a-club.me

Murano – Porto Montenegro

Located on the seafront, "Murano" restaurant brings a breeze of azure blue color and a flawless style of the unobtrusive luxury. Taking inspiration from its position next to the glittering superyacht marina and Boka Bay, the menu centers around Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, prepared with locally sourced and organic herbs.

Address: Regent Porto Montenegro, Tivat
Phone number: +382 32 660 682

Ćatovića mlini – Boka bay

Catovica mlini
A secluded place in the privacy of the old house with a mill, where the fish restaurant is located. Offers fresh, homemade Mediterranean cuisine and a cozy ambiance. Friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere keeps diners coming back.

Address: Morinj, Boka Kotorska
Phone number: +382 32 373 030

Conte – Perast

Restaurant Conte is ideally located right on the seaside with a stunning view of the two island churches that Perast is famous for. The restaurant specializes in fine traditional cuisine with a focus on food quality and impeccable service.

Address: Obala Kapetana Marka Martinovića bb, Perast
Phone number: +382 67 257 387

Forza Marre – Dobrota, Kotor

Forza mare
Unique view over the Bay of Kotor. You’ll enjoy national and international dishes created with locally sourced fresh produces, all complemented by great Old and New World–style wine selections.

Address: Dobrota, Kotor
Phone number: +382 69 367 072 

Galion – Kotor

The terrace of the restaurant is located on a platform along the coast, with a beautiful view of the marina and the Old town walls. Carefully selected specialties of international cuisine are a unique experience for the most refined palate.

Address: Šuranj bb, Kotor
Phone number: +382 67 263 420
Email: book@galion.me

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A new marina and maritime border crossing in Montenegro

D-Marin Portonovi marina 

A new marina in Montenegro, D-Marin Portonovi, is the part of the luxury Portonovi Resort, which opened its doors August 1 this year. It is located at the entrance to the picturesque Boka Bay and it is the perfect starting point for exploring the riches of Montenegro.

Portonovi Kumbor
D-Marin Portonovi marina (Source: Portonovi)

The marina has 238 berths for residential and visiting yachts, up to 70 meters inside the marina and 120 meters on the outer side of the south breakwater. It is surrounded by a wealth of amenities, including high-end shops, plus a range of fine dining restaurants serving a variety of cuisines from Montenegrin to Asian, cocktail bars, lounges, cafés. 

Supported by excellent marina services, short and long term berthing services, including duty-free fuel supply, the Portonovi marina will for sure provide you the world-class service. 

Call: VHF 16

GPS coordinates of D-Marin Portonovi Marina:

· N 42.44
· E 18.59

Position of the marina Portonovi on Google Maps.

New maritime border crossing '' Port of Kumbor - Portonovi ''

Border crossing in Portonovi
Portonovi Resort
Opening of the marina, a new maritime border crossing '' Port Kumbor - Portonovi '' officially opened too. 

As they say from the marina, the border crossing is permanent, it will work all year long, while it is working hours conditioned by Harbor Master's office hours, 07:00 h - 19:00 h, with occasional pauses. As far as police and customs are concerned, they will work in shifts and cover 24h - working hours. 

The border crossing is intended first for the needs of D-Marin Portonovi marina visitors. 

Berthing and Services

D-Marin Portonovi Montenegro Marina
D-Marin Portonovi (Source: Portonovi)

General Services:

- 24-hour water supply;
- 24-hour power supply (220/380 V);
- 24 hrs dock assistance;
- Fuel station (including duty-free fuel supply);
- WC and shower;
- Wi-Fi;
- Car parking places in the garage – Helipad.


- Berthing capacity: 238 (up to 120 m);
- The marina can support deep draft yachts.

Technical Services:

                                                                          - Black and grey water disposal;
                                                                          - Oil waste disposal;
                                                                          - Other technical services on demand.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Events in August

Events - Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay

August 1
Luštica Bay, 9:00 PM

An electric live performance by one of the most popular modern pop-rock musicians from Hungary, Keresztes Ildiko.

August 2-4
Porto Montenegro, Arena
An extraordinary pop-up polo field hosting polo patrons from around the world. Participants can enjoy two games per day alongside the finest accompanying social events and refreshments in the sun.

August 4 
Luštica Bay, 9:30 PM

August 6
Luštica Bay, 9:00 PM
The Latin spirit returns! Get into the salsa rhythms with a dance party led by our lively dancing troupe.

August 7
Luštica Bay, 7:00 PM 
KotorArt festival showcases a performance by world-renowned pianist Yuja Wang and celebrated clarinetist Andreas Ottensamer – sure to be one of the most unforgettable classical concerts of the year.

August 10
Luštica Bay, 9:00 PM

August 13
Luštica Bay, 9:00 PM

August 14-16
Luštica Bay, 10:00 PM
Enjoy a stunning stage adaptation of the legendary Italian movie Mediterraneo, set in the unique surroundings of Luštica Bay beach.

August 15
Porto Montenegro, Murano Restaurant, 8:00 PM 
An elegant five-course dinner under the light of the full moon. Expect a menu of organic Montenegrin specialties with Venetian masks available for all guests for added intrigue and mystery!
Entertainment: Nevila Klakor String Quarter + Fire Dancers, Full Moon Performance.

August 17
Porto Montenegro, Synchro, 9:30 PM 
Bringing jazz-funk-soul beats from the British music scene, Incognito will serenade the crowd with their funk-infused acid jazz at this summer's concert finale.

August 18
Luštica Bay, 4:00 PM

August 20
Luštica Bay, 9:00 PM

August 21
Luštica Bay, 9:00 PM
Renowned for its wind instrument players, Tivat Music School treats us to a wonderful concert by teachers and students.

August 24
Porto Montenegro, Murano Restaurants, 8:00 PM
Known for his avant-garde take on European cuisine, a style of cooking which has made him one of the best chefs in the world, Juan Amador is one of the few chefs to be awarded three Michelin stars in quick succession. Make sure you book your table on time.

August 24-25
Luštica Bay, 7:00 PM
Tales of the past and visions of the future are told through a selection of unique antiquities and contemporary art from the Balkans and beyond.

August 25
Luštica Bay, 9:00 PM
Operosa Festival is all about presenting opera music to a Montenegrin audience and there's no place more beautiful to experience it than in our marina village.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Invazivne vrste algi - Caulerpa taxifolia i Caulerpa recemosa

U Sredozemnom moru, veliki problem predstavljaju invazivne tropske vrste algi iz roda Caulerpa, u prvom redu Caulerpa taxifolia i Caulerpa racemosa. Navedene alge, dospjele namjernim ili nenamjernim unošenjem u more, donešene balastnim vodama, pričvršćene za trupove brodova ili sidro, ribarskim mrežama, važe za jednu od najvećih opasnosti za bioraznolikost mora.

Caulerpe su morske zelene alge, poznate kao najveći jednostanični organizmi koji mogu da narastu i do nekoliko metara. Građene su od stabalca, listića i korjenčića, a u zavisnosti od vrste alge različitog su oblika. Ono što je karakteristično za ove alge jeste brza regeneracija, jer ukoliko dođe do oštećenja, vrlo lako dolazi do brzog stvaranja citoplazmatskog čepa koji zatvara ranu. Zbog rapidnog rasta i odsutnosti prirodnog neprijatelja u ovim područjima, ove alge predstavljaju značajnu prijetnju morskom ekosistemu Mediterana.

Caulerpa taxifolia 

Caulerpa taxifolia / tumor mora
Caulerpa taxifolia
Poznata kao ''Tumor mora'', Caulerpa taxifolia je florescentno zelena makroalga, građena od puzajućeg stabalca i listića dužine od 5 do 65cm. Jedna je od 100 najgorih svjetskih invazivnih vrsta. Prvi put je primijećena u Sredozemnom moru 1984. godine, a pretpostavlja se da je dospjela slučajnim ispuštanjem iz akvarijuma Oceanografskog muzeja u Monaku. Alga Caulerpa taxifolia se najčešće prenosi na sidrima brodova ili ribarskim mrežama. Zahvaljujući mogućnosti brzog prilagođavanja na različite ekološke uslove, ova alga ima sposobnost razvijanja i opstanka na svim tipovima dna: pjeskovitom, stjenovitom i muljevitom dnu. Najdrastičnije promjene se dogode ukoliko se nastane na stjenovitom dnu jer se u tom slučaju autohtone vrste potpuno povuku.

Caulerpa racemosa 

Invazivna vrsta - Caulerpa recemosa
Caulerpa recemosa
Tamnozelena alga Caulerpa racemosa, građena je poput svih algi iz roda Caulerpa, prepoznatljiva po  stabalcu sa listićima na kojima su sitne kuglaste izrasline. Dospjela je iz Crvenog mora u Sredozemlje gdje se iznenađujuće brzo proširila. U odnosu na algu Caulerpa taxifolia koja se prenosi isključivo sidrima i ribarskim mrežama, ova alga ima dodatni učinkovitiji način širenja. Njen glavni mehanizam širenja je uz pomoć talasa i snažnih morskih struja, pa je relativno moguće predvidjeti globalni smjer širenja alge. Caulerpa racemosa u vodu ispušta određene materije koje imaju negativan uticaj na biodiverzitet. Podjednako dobro razvija gustu mrežu isprepletanih stabalaca na kamenitom, pjeskovitom i muljevitom dnu, a najgušća naselja su na zahvaćenom stjenovitom dnu.

Širenje algi na velike udaljenosti najčešće je posljedica prenosa ljudskim djelovanjem. Uklanjanje invazivnih vrsta algi osjetljiv je posao koji obavljaju za to obučeni ronioci, obzirom da nestručno uklanjanje može da dovede do širenja algi i još veće štete. Najčešće metode uklanjanja i saniranja područja zahvaćenih ovim invazivnim vrstama su ručno skupljanje talusa, podvodnim sisaljkama, prekrivanje crnim plastičnim folijama. Kako je za razmnožavanje potreban mali dio alge, nijedna od ovih metoda uklanjanja nije konačna. Ipak, najdjelotvornija metoda je prekrivanje crnom plastičnom folijom koja sprečava prodor svjetlosti do alge i tako izaziva njeno uginuće.

Ono što je najveći problem kod uklanjanja ovih invazivnih vrsta algi jeste nedostatak prirodnih neprijatelja. Jedini zabilježen prirodni neprijatelj ovih vrsta jesu sredozemni puževi Oxynoe olivacea i Lobiger serradifalci, koji se hrane ovim algama. Međutim, ovi puževi nemaju brojnu populaciju, pa samim tim ne mogu značajno ni uticati na sprječavanje širenja ovih algi Sredozemnim morem. 

Nepravilno sidrenje, ispuštanje balastnih voda, bacanje smeća, buka, gliseri i razne ljudske aktivnosti vrlo su štetni za prirodnu okolinu. Potrebno je da svaki pojedinac preuzme odgovornost za svoje postupke kako bi se spriječilo trajno oštećenje. Neke od mjera predostrožnosti su:

• Kod sidrenja koristite tehnike i materijale koji smanjuju negativan utjicaj;
• Opremite plovilo sistemom za zadržavanje balastnih voda;
• Poštujte propise o ribolovu;
• Otpad odlažite u lukama, a ne u more. 

Praćenje razvoja algi i kontrola uticaja na autohtone vrste i ekosistem u cjelini, trebalo bi da bude glavni zadatak moderne ekologije i akvakulture. Potrebno je podići svijest pojedinca, raditi na međunarodnoj saradnji i uložiti više napora kako bi se pronašlo konkretno rješenje za ovaj problem.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Mediterranean invasive algae - Caulerpa taxifolia and Caulerpa racemosa

In the Mediterranean sea, the problem is invasive tropical species of Caulerpa algae, primarily Caulerpa taxifolia and Caulerpa racemosa. The mentioned algae, due to intentional or unintentional introduction into the sea, brought by ballast waters, attached to vessel's hull or anchors, by fishing nets, are considered to be one of the greatest threats to the biodiversity of the sea.
Caulerpa is sea green alga, known as the largest single organism that can grow up to several meters. They are made of the stem, leaves and roots, and depending on the type of algae they have a different shape. What is characteristic of these algae is rapid regeneration, because if damage occurs, it creates rapidly a cytoplasmic cap that closes the wound. Due to the rapid growth and absence of natural enemies in these areas, these algae are a significant threat to the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean sea.

Caulerpa taxifolia
algae Caulerpa taxifolia
Caulerpa taxifolia
Known as the "Tumor of the Sea," Caulerpa taxifolia is a fluorescent green macroalga, built of crawling trees and leaves from 5 to 65 cm in length. It is one of the world's 100 worst invasive species. It was first spotted in the Mediterranean in 1984, and it is assumed that it was accidentally released from the Aquarium Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. Alga Caulerpa taxifolia is most often transmitted on ship anchors or fishing nets. Due to the possibility of rapid adaptation to different ecological conditions, this alga has the capacity to develop and survive on all types of bottom: sandy, rocky and muddy bottom. The most drastic changes occur on the rocky bottom because in this case, the indigenous species will withdraw completely.

Caulerpa racemosa
invasive algae Caulerpa racemosa
Caulerpa racemosa
The dark green alga Caulerpa racemosa, like all the algae of the Caulerpa genus, is recognizable by the tree with leaves with tiny balls. These algae came from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean where they spread very quickly. In relation to alga Caulerpa taxifolia, which is exclusively transmitted by anchors and fishing nets, this alga has an additional more efficient way of spreading. Its main spreading mechanism is with the help of waves and strong sea currents. Caulerpa racemosa releases certain substances that negatively affect the biological diversity of the sea. It is equally well developed by a dense network of twisted trees on the rocky, sandy or sandy bottom, and the most densely populated settlements are on the rocky bottom.

The proliferation of algae at long distances is most often the result of human transmission. Removing invasive algae species is a delicate task performed by trained divers, since unprofessional removal can lead to the spread of algae and even more damage. The most common methods of removing algae from the areas affected by these invasive species are manually collecting talus, underwater suckers, covering with black plastic foil. As a small part of the alga is needed for reproduction, so none of these removal methods is ultimate. However, the most effective method is to cover algae with a black plastic film that prevents light penetration into the algae and causes its death.
The biggest problem in removing these invasive algae species is the lack of natural enemies. The only recorded natural enemie of these species is the Mediterranean snail, Oxynoe olivacea and Lobiger serradifalci, which feed on these algae. However, these snails don't have a large population, so they can't prevent the spread of these algae to the Mediterranean Sea.

Improper anchoring, discharged ballast water, littering, noise and various human activities are very harmful to the natural environment. It is necessary that each individual takes responsibility for their actions in order to prevent irreparable damage. Some of the precautionary measures:
  •        When anchoring, use techniques and materials that reduce the negative impact;
  •        Equip the vessel with a system for retention of bilge water;
  •        Respect the fishing regulations;
  •        Dispose of waste in ports and not in the sea.
Monitoring the development of algae and controlling impacts on indigenous species and the ecosystem, should be the main task of modern ecology and aquaculture. It is necessary to raise awareness of the individual, to work on international cooperation and to make more efforts in order to find a concrete solution for this problem.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Montenegro Yacht Services - MYS

The former shipyard for boats in Bijela - Montenegro has recently been owned by the company under the working name of Montenegro Yacht Services (MYS). MYS was created as a consortium of renowned Dutch shipbuilding companies Damen and Porto Montenegro, who signed the Concession Agreement for the 30-years period with the Government of Montenegro.

Damen in Montenegro
The planned layout of the future yacht center at the site of Shipyard in Bijela
The new repair and refit center for mega and super yachts in Montenegro plans to provide the first services by the end of this year. The leased area to be covered by the future refit and repair center is 198,294 square meters of land and 281,077 square meters of aquatorium.

The agreed prerequisite for starting MYS is that the French company ''Vlago'' completes environmental remediation with a deadline in March 2020. Remediation involves the removal of about 150 thousand tons of grit and contaminated soil land from Bijela.
However, the company states that there is a possibility of starting the provision of services even prior to the completion of remediation.

CEO of Adriatic Marinas
David Margason, CEO of Adriatic Marinas
''The Concession Agreement entitles MYS, if such a possibility exists, to start with business activity even prior to the completion of remediation. Therefore, our plan is to start with the organization of the entire system, to employ first workers and carry out preliminary activities, so that we start already by the end of this year with the provision of certain types of repair services in Bijela, which can be carried out on berthed vessels, without lifting them from the sea. We are thinking about working on larger yachts, already by the end of the year, which would be berthed along the main shipyard jetty on the west side, where the Adriatic Shipyard Bijela floating docks used to be. The plan is to offer, at the same time, the services of lifting smaller yachts from the sea by mobile cranes and the services of their repair. It all depends, however, on the ability to provide to our clients the highest possible quality of services, as good reputation and maintaining of a good reputation is the key thing for Damen", said Margason, CEO of Adriatic Marinas.
After Qatar, Montenegro will be the first country to have a load-out recovery dock, which will guarantee the highest level of service for mega and superyacht owners in this area.
According to Margason, a load out recovery dock will arrive in Bijela in the first half of next year. This is a completely new floating dock that will build by Damen. The MYS will function in a way that a yacht lifted from the sea to the dock for repair purposes will then be transported by special multi-wheelers to the operational shore or to the workshops. The new floating dock must have a very sophisticated ballast system that will ensure its stability and stability of the lifted yacht at the moments of load and stability shifting, while the yacht is transported from the dock to the shore and vice versa.
At the moment, there is only one so-called load-out recovery dock in the world and it is located in Qatar. In addition, the dock will also have internal tanks for collecting water and material from the lifted yachts, so it would not get into the sea when washing yachts.

As stated,  temporary position of the load-out dock is planned, until the shipyard's remediation is not completed. Meanwhile, the necessary construction works will be carried out to put the dock on its permanent position and to strengthen the operational shore and platform, so that they can withstand considerable loads of ships. The new dock will have the 3,000-tonne lifting capacity and will have a modular structure, which means that, if nessesary, it will be extended later on by simply adding new sections, so it can extend by simple adding new sections, up to the total length of 150 meters and increase its lifting capacity to 7,000 tons. Later on, the shipyard capacity will be complemented by the construction of a new travel lift. The business plan states that MYS will concentrate on overhauling steel and aluminum yachts, over 30 meters in length.

They believe that the main value of the new project is in Damen's renown.
''We believe that the key value of the new Bijela project is the reputation and quality associated with Damen’s name around the globe. Its internationally recognized skills in the area of construction, building and refit of all types of yachts, and especially mega- and superyachts through their Amels brand that is one of the three strongest brands in the yachting industry in the world, make the arrival of Damen in Bijela not only excellent news for Porto Montenegro but also for Montenegro in its entirety'', said Margason.
If everything goes according to plan, Montenegro will soon be a competitive country in the field of overhaul of mega and super yachts, which opens up a whole range of opportunities for the progress and development of the Montenegrin economy and the revitalization of repair activities.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tržište za remont jahti sigurno, biće posla i za 400 radnika


Novo remontno brodogradilište za super i mega jahte konzorcijuma renomirane holandske brodograđevinske kompanije Damen i Porto Montenegra u Bijeloj, prve usluge klijentima moglo bi početi da pruža već krajem godine.

U prve tri godine poslovanja nove firme koja se još vodi pod radnim imenom Montenegro Yacht Services (MYS), biće uloženo preko 20 miliona eura, a Bijela će ukoliko se sve realizuje po planu, postati kredibilna i konkurentna alternativa do sada renomiranim servisnim centrima i remontnim brodogradilištima za jahte u Francuskoj, Španiji i na zapadnoj obali Italije.

Montenegro Yacht Services - MYS
Remontno brodogradilište za super i mega jahte - planirani izgled

Vlada i konzorijum Damen-PM pred kraj prošle godine konačno su potpisali koncesioni ugovor na 30 godina za privredno korišćenje brodogradilišne luke Bijela.

Holanđani i PM su dobili u zakup 198.294 kvadrata zemljišta i 281.077 kvadrata akvatorijuma.

Za to će MYS plaćati godišnju fiksnu koncesionu naknadu od 123.303 eura i varijabilnu naknadu u visini od 5% EBITDA (prihoda umanjenog za rashod bez troškova amortizacije) do 5 miliona, odnosno 3% za EBITDA nove firme koja prelazi 5 miliona eura.

Plan je da u prvoj godini rada novo brodogradilište remontuje 14 super jahti (brodova dužih od 25 metara), dok će u petoj godini poslovanja broj remontovanih jahti biti 109.

Sa 35 radnika u prvoj godini rada, MYS će narasti na između 300 i 400 zaposlenih u petoj godini postojanja, a nekadašnje brodogradilište za teretne brodove u Bijeloj, biće pretvoreno u sofisticirani tehnološki centar po mjeri sličnih specijalizovanih brodogradilišta za remont jahti u sjevernoj Evropi, sposoban da pruži sve vrste najkompleksnijih remontnih i radova na konverziji super i mega jahti dužine između 25 i 125 metara.

Ugovoreni preduslov za početak rada MYS koji je već kupio oko 2,65 miliona eura vrijedne objekte i opremu bivšeg Jadranskog brodogradilišta Bijela (JBB), jeste da francuska kompanija Vlago koju je angažovala Vlada do marta 2020. završi ekološku remedijaciju tog prostora, koja podrazumijeva uklanjanje oko 150 hiljada tona grita i zagađenog zemljišta iz Bijele.

„Koncesioni ugovor nam daje pravo da ako postoji mogućnost, MYS i prije završetka remedijacije, može početi da radi. Stoga namjeravamo da počnemo organizaciju cijelog sistema, zapošljavanje prvih radnika i pripremu da već pred kraj ove godine, u Bijeloj počnemo pružati određene vrste usluga remonta koje se mogu sprovesti na brodovima na vezu, bez da se oni za to podižu iz mora. Dakle, razmišljamo da se već do kraja godine radi na većim jahtama koje bi bile vezane uz glavni gat brodogradilišta sa njegove zapadne strane, na dijelu gdje su bili plutajući dokovi JBB. Plan je da se istovremeno ponude i usluge vađenja iz mora i servis manjih jahti koje se mogu dići na obalu mobilnim dizalicama. Sve, ipak, zavisi od mogućnosti da i u tome, klijentima pružimo najveći mogući nivo kvaliteta jer je dobra reputacija i njeno očuvanje, ključno za Damen", kazao je Margason.

 Izvršni direktor  Porto Montenegra - Dejvid Margason

Kada se može očekivati dolazak novog plutajućeg doka?

Dok će u Bijelu stići u prvoj polovini naredne godine. Riječ je o potpuno novom plutajućem doku koji će sagraditi Damen i za koji se privodi kraju projektivanje i počela je i kupovina materijala za gradnju. Naime, budući da će MYS funkcionisati na način da jahta koja se iz mora digne na dok radi remonta sa doka bude potom specijalnim transporterima na točkovima prebačena na operativnu obalu ili do radionica. Novi plutajući dok mora imati vrlo sofisticiran sistem za balastiranje koji će održavati njegovu i stabilnost dignute jahte u osjetljivim momentima promjene opterećenja i stabiliteta dok se jahta „prevlači“ sa doka na obalu i obrnuto. Takav. tzv. load out recovery dok, trenutno postoji samo jedan u svijetu i nalazi se u Kataru. Uz to, naš dok će imati i interne tanove za sakupljanje vode i materijala sa podvodnog dijela dignutih jahti, kada se one budu prale vodom pod visokim opritiskom, radi uklanjanja obraštanja od algi i školjki, a kako bi se sve te materije zadržale na doku i ne dospjele u more, već se sa njima postupalo na pravi način u skladu sa strogim ekološkim standardima koje će primjenjivati MYS. Već smo isplanirali i poziciju na kojoj plutajući dok možemo privremeno smjestiti i koristiti, dok se ne završi remedijacija prostora brodogradilišta. U međuvremenu će biti obavljeni neophodni građevinski radovi za postavljenje doka na njegovu trajnu poziciju, te ojačavanje operativne obale i platoa unutar brodogradilišta da oni mogu izdržati velika opterećenja „šetanja“ po njima na transporteru, brodove teške više stotina tona. Novi dok će biti kapaciteta dizanja 3 hiljade tona i biće modularne konstrukcije, što znači da će po potrebi biti naknadno produžen jednostavnim dodavanjem novih sekcija, pa će tako moći da se produži do ukupne dužine od 150 metara, i poveća mu se moć dizanja na 7.000 tona. Kasnije će kapaciteti brodogradilišta biti upotpunjeni i gradnjom novog travel lifta. U biznis planu stoji da će se MYS koncentrisati na remont jahti od čelika i aluminijuma, dužine preko 30 metara.

Da li to znači da potpuno eliminišete mogućnost da radite remont manjih jahti od kompozitnih materijala i drva i sebe uskraćujete za dobar dio tržišta jer upravo takve jahte sada brojem preovlađuju u Crnoj Gori?

Jahte dužine ispod 30 metara nisu naše glavno ciljno tržište za budući razvoj MYS-a. Nismo međutim, isključili mogućnost remonta manjih stakloplastičnih ili drvenih brodova jer to mogu raditi specijalisti-podizvođači u trenucima kada imamo slobodnih kapaciteta. Sve je više velikih jahti od stakloplastike, dugih čak i do 40 metara, koje se grade u svijetu, pa nema razloga zašto ne bi radili i na takvim ili brodovima drvene konstrukcije. Ipak, na kraju krajeva, to nije veliko tržište i generator zarade, pa će ekonomska osnova i glavnina posla MYS, biti veće jahte od čelika i aluminijuma. Kao glavni izvor posla, makar u početku, računamo na jahte koje borave u Porto Montenegru, ali i drugim marinama u Crnoj Gori jer se marine grade i u Luštici Bay i Portonovom. Uz to, imajući i u vidu i konkurenciju u zapadnom Mediteranu i jadranskoj obali Italije, te broj mega i super jahti koje trenutno plove Mediteranom, računamo i na oko 375 većih jahti iz cijelog Mediterana kao potencijalne klijente MYS-a.
Samo Amelsovih super jahti u Mediteranu je sada oko 50, a budući da su oni brend Damena, logično je očekivati da će koristiti usluge servisa u garantnom roku ili održavanja i remonta u vangarantnom periodu, u jedinom Damenovom brodogradilištu u regionu - ovom u Bijeloj. Mi ćemo biti remontni hab za Amelsove jahte na Mediteranu.

U biznis planu navodite da MYS treba da bude kredibilna alternativa uslugama ICOMIA grupe za remont superjahti iz zapadnog Mediterana, ali i mnogo bližoj i „opasnijoj“ konkurenciji na jadrankoj obali Italije poput ISA u Ankoni. Kako to namjeravate da postignete?

Sa konkurencijom ćemo se boriti kvalitetom, poštovanjem rokova i raspoloživog budžeta, te dobrim cijenama i naravno, renomeom koji Damen uživa širom svijeta. Sa inženjerijsko-tehnološkog aspekta MYS se zapravo ne nosi sa remontnim brodogradilištima za jahte u zapadnom Mediteranu, već sa onima u sjevernoj Evrpopi – Holandiji i Njemačkoj koji su svjetski lideri u tom domenu. Cilj nam je da preko MYS, na Mediteran donesemo sjevernoevropska mjerila kvaliteta u ovoj djelatnosti, a sa partnerom kao što je Damen, to definitivno možemo postići.

Njihova brodogradilišta su po cijelom svijetu, a uspjeli su da stvore odgovarajuću radnu etiku i odnos prema poslu, čak i u zemljama gdje toga nije puno bilo poput Vijetnama ili Rumunije. Sto posto sam siguran da će Damen isto uspjeti da uradi i ovdje u Crnoj Gori jer jednostavno ne dolazi u obzir da Damen upravlja brodogradilištem ili pogonom koji ne pruža usluge po najvišim standardima i najvećem nivou kvaliteta.

Iako se ljudi ovdje šale, uključujući tu i vašeg premijera, sa navodnom ljenošću Crnogoraca kao radnika, moja iskustva su sasvim drugačija - ja sam lično vidio da kada im date prave mogućnosti, ovdašnji ljudi su vrlo vrijedni i zadovoljni što mogu da se iskažu u pravoj prilici. Ne vidim razloga zašto to ne bi bilo i na ovom projektu, tim prije što ljudi koji rade u tehnici i brodogradilišnoj industriji generalno, imaju drugačiju psihologiju i pristup poslu, posebno ako dolaze iz domena industrije koja je radila za vojne potrebe, kao što je to često slučaj na prostoru bivše Jugoslavije. Nivo discipline i radne etike kod takvih firmi je takav da ga često ne možete naći u klasičnim civilnim firmama, a ovdje srećom, još imamo dosta takvih ljudi koji su nekada radili za recimo, Arsenal u Tivtu.

Oni i radnici bivšeg brodogradilišta Bijela uz globalne programe obuke po brodogradilištima širom svijeta, a koje će im ponuditi Damen i njegovi kooperanti, sigurno će biti u stanju da zadovolje potrebe i zahtjeve MYS-a.

Glavna i najčešće spominjana tema koju čujem kada razgovaram sa partnerima iz Damena o MYS-u, je obuka i trening osoblja, a siguran sam da ćemo u tome uspjeti kako sa ljudima koji su još ovdje i imaju te vještine, što sa ljudima iz Crne Gore - iz Arsenala ili JBB koji su otišli da rade u inostranstvo od Singapura, Dubaija, do Sjeverne Evrope i koji će željeti da se vrate i rade taj posao u svojoj zemlji. Za početak oni će naravno, raditi uz jedan broj stranih stručnjaka koje će dovesti Damen, ali kako bude rastao nivo osposobljenosti domaćih inženjera i majstora, taj će se odnos polako mijenjati u korist domicilne radne snage.

Bili bi oduševljeni da brinu o brodu “Jadran”

Hoće li novo brodogradilište osim za jahte, biti na raspolaganju za bilo kakvu drugu vrstu plovila - možda za remont brodova Mornarice VCG ili plovila Vladinih institucija u Crnoj Gori?

Siguran sam da će MYS biti oduševljeno mogućnošću da recimo, dokuje ili remontuje školski brod Mornarice VCG, jedrenjak „Jadran“ jer je ljepota i značaj tog broda istovremeno i odlična tačka u referentnoj listi svakog brodoremontera. Zato bi uvijek našli mjesta i vremena i entuzijazma da uradimo remont „Jadrana“. Ipak, od samog početka rada na ovom projektu zauzeli smo stav da MYS neće biti „hibridno“ brodogradilište koje će remontovati teretne, ratne ili bilo kakve druge brodove, osim jahti. Ono će biti isključivo brodogradilište za remont i konverziju jahti jer samo tako možemo garantovati najveći nivo kvaliteta naših usluga za vlasnike jahti.

Glavna vrijednost novog projekta je u renomeu Damena

Na koji način računate da će Damen i njegovi postojeći kooperanti širom svijeta uticati na razvoj i sposobnosti novog brodogradilišta u Bijeloj?

Smatramo da je glavna vrijednost novog projekta u Bijeloj u renomeu i kvalitetu koji u svjetskim okvirima nosi ime Damen. Njihove globalno prepoznate vještine u domenu kontrukcije, gradnje i remonta svih vrsta brodova, a posebno mega i super jahti kroz njihov brend Amels koji je jedan od tri najjača u domenu jahtinga u svijetu, čine da dolazak Damena u Bijelu bude ne samo odlična vijest za Porto Montenegro, nego i Crnu Goru u cjelini. To naime, otvara čitav jedan novi niz mogućnosti za napredak i razvoj crnogorske ekonomije, revitalizaciju djelatnosti brodoremonta koja u Boki ima veliku tradiciju, ali i širenje klastera crnogorskih firmi koje bi sutra, ako zadovolje izuzetno stroge uslove kvaliteta, cijene i ročnosti koje traži Damen, mogle svojim proizvodima i uslugama da se uključe u lanac kooperanata MYS-a. Želimo da ljudi ubuduće o Jadranu govore kao o novoj Rivijeri (Azurnoj obali u Francuskoj i dijelu Tirenske obale Italije-prim.aut.) kao do sada glavnoj tački jahtinga. Stvari se u toj industriji već polako sa zapadnog Mediterana prebacuju istočno, a Crna Gora i Hrvatska prije svih, postaju sve zanimljivije i poznatije kao destinacije za smještaj jahti, odnosno krstarenje. Mi smo sa partnerima iz Hrvatske, Srbije, Slovenije i Crne Gore već pokrenuli Jadransku Jahting Asocijaciju AYA sa ciljem da kroz bolju povezanost istaknutih kompanija, unaprijedimo jahting uslugu u regionu, zajednički djelujemo, podržavamo partnerske kompanije i postanemo lobistička snaga na Mediteranu. Nema razloga da Jadran u neko dogledno vrijeme u pogledu jahtinga, ne postane jednak Rivijeri. U tome je vrlo važan korak i povećanje globalne svijesti o tehničkim mogućnostima jadranske regije u domenu remonta mega i super jahti, kroz dolazak Damena u ovaj region, preko projekta u Bijeloj.

Dobrodošli su svi koji žele kvalitetno da rade

Može li i kako MYS šire doprinijeti napretku crnogorske ekonomije i razvoju sposobnosti domaće, sada skoro i nepostojeće industrije?

Brodogradilište će voditi Damen i oni su ti koji će procjenjivati što i kako je najbolje uraditi da ta firma zadovolji osnovne i ključne kriterijume po kojima Damen operiše - visok kvalitet, fer cijene i dobro planiranje, odnosno strogo ispunjavanje zadatih rokova. Cilj i nama i njima je da, kada novo brodogradilište bude otvoreno, ono pruža apsolutno najkvalitetnije usluge remonta jahti u cijelom jadranskom regionu. Oko toga nikako ne smije biti kompromisa ni na kratke staze, jer bi to moglo nanijeti nepopravljivu dugoročnu štetu cijelom poduhvatu. Nesumnjivo je da će novo brodogradilište željeti da sarađuje sa lokalnim podizvođačima i dobavljačima gdje god je to moguće jer je to jednostavnije i jeftinije, ali je na lokalnim ponuđačima i provajderima usluga da svoju ponudu, materijale i usluge dovedu do traženog nivoa kvaliteta, da bi mogli raditi sa Damenom. Svi koji to budu mogli da urade, dobrodošli su.

Izvor: Autor Siniša Luković, 16. Januar 2019., Vijesti