Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Duty Free Fuel for yachts of up to 200 meters in Porto Montenegro - Tivat

In-line with the latest marina extension, Porto Montenegro has launched a new refueling station which can now support yachts of up to 200m (16m draft). Positioned at the end of Jetty 3, this specialized fuel dock holds stock of up to 800,000 liters of tax and duty-free fuel which can be pumped at up to 1000 liters per minute.
Duty and Tax Free Diesel Porto Montenegro Tivat

Tax and duty-free fuel is available to both private and commercial vessels at a cost approximately 45% less than retail price, with no minimum limit or additional fees. The dock is operational all year round and boasts additional benefits including:
  • 3 berths for refuelling plus a tender and jet ski pontoon
  • Fuel quality monitored by Inspectorate/Bureau Veritas
  • Quality of fuel supplied according to ISO 8217/2010
  • Exclusive agent of GO2 fuel additive
  • Onsite sales of Shell lubricants/ products

A valid vignette and a stamp with yacht’s details are required to acquire duty free fuel. Upon completion of bunkering, the yacht must leave the territorial waters of Montenegro.  However, with Customs permission, yachts taking duty free fuel can stay in the marina for up to 24 hours.


Orders for fuel should be placed preferably 24 hours in advance during working days and 48 hours in advance for delivery during weekends and on Mondays.

For further information you can contact us on
e-mail info@yachtagent.me or
phone numbers +382 67 552 287
Yacht Agent Montenegro
Duty and Tax Free Bunkering Porto Montenegro Tivat