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Dukley Marina Budva

Dukley Marina Budva Dukley Marina Budva is located in the heart of the Budva Riviera and is a part of the resort which carries the same name. This marina is one of the most beautiful nautical destinations in the Adriatic. Opening hours of the Harbour Office in Budva are 07-15h, and there is a possibility of introducing a second shift during the summer season.
Marina has 350 berths in the inner part of the harbour, mainly for motor boats and super-yachts (up to 70m in length), but there are about 50 berths for visiting the yachts at the dock and two pontoons with a maximum draft of up to 5.0 meters.
Marina provides the necessary electricity and water, as well as waste collection services to the berthed vessels.

Services offered in the marina: 
  • 24-hour water supply 
  • 24 hours power supply 
  • Gas station 
  • Wi-Fi (free) 
  • Pilotage 
  • Technical support 
  • 24-hour Security 
Dukley Marina Budva
All airports in the vicinity are very well connected with other major European cities. The nearest international airport, Tivat Airport, is only 25 minutes away, and the main international airport Podgorica is an hour away. Distance of towns by sea: Dubrovnik 50NM, Sveti Stefan 3NM, Kotor 31NM, Bar 16NM and Ulcinj 28NM.
Dukley Marina BudvaIf you want to book a berth for your vessel in Budva or want to check the availability of berths for your yacht, Yacht Agent Montenegro is at your service.
In addition to booking berths, we offer services of obtaining free traffic permit upon the arrival / departure from the marina in Budva, supply of food and groceries, duty free fuel ( Bar marina, Port of Bar and Tivat Porto Montenegro), technical support and repairs, as well as other agency services necessary to fully enjoy your visit of the Montenegrin coast and ensure safe navigation.

What to visit near Dukley Marina Budva?

The old town of Budva

The walls and the towers of the Old Town are a testament that Budva is one of the oldest cities of the Adriatic. Cobbled streets, medieval cathedrals, and ancient facades in its historic quarter give it a form a labyrinth. Preserved old town with modern seaside community and the picturesque harbour, makes Budva the most modern centre of Montenegro today. Budva hosts numerous regattas, gourmet fairs and festivals.


Becici is situated 5km northeast of Budva. Becici beach is 1 950m long, and it is known to be among the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro and the southern Adriatic. This beach won the Grand Prix in Paris for the most beautiful beach in Europe in 1935.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a settlement near Budva, located only 10 km away. Sveti Stefan is connected to the mainland by a narrow earthen causeway, which is probably the reason why they started calling it the "Montenegrin Palm of Dubai." Although this is quite questionable, since Sveti Stefan has existed for hundreds of years, while the Palm not even a decade. This island is the most luxurious resort in Montenegro and one of the most luxurious resorts at the Adriatic coastline.


Petrovac is situated at a 20km distance from Budva. It is a well-known summer tourist destination famous for Roman mosaics from the 3rd century, which depict the god of sleep, Hypnos. Town beach is around 600 m and is one of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the Adriatic. There are two islands in close proximity to the town, the island of Katic and Sveta Nedjelja.


Bar, together with the Port of Bar and Bar marina, is one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro. Luka Bar, located at the entrance of the Adriatic, more precisely on 42˚05 'north latitude and 19˚05' east longitude. Port of Bar, united with railway and road traffic, represents an important link in the intermodal transport, which gives it a huge advantage over other ports in Montenegro, but also in the region. Port of Bar is located in the heart of the city, and in its vicinity there are hotels, a restaurant, bank and everything you might need during your stay in Bar.
The old part of town, Old Bar, is located 50 km southeast of Budva. Well-preserved remnants of the walls and fortresses, dating from the 9th century, provide a beautiful view of the town and its surroundings that binds all travellers to come and visit. The most attractive part of the old town is the old olive tree which is 2000-2500 years old. It is one of the five oldest olive trees in the world, and still bears fruit. In addition to Old Bar, Bar aqueduct is the only such construction in Montenegro, and one of the three largest in the former Yugoslavia. 


The old town of Ulcinj is one of the oldest architectural and urban units of the Adriatic. 
It is a common opinion that the Old Town with its Illyrian walls, the Citadel, a set of street networks, markets and squares, valuable architectural buildings, especially urban landscape, is in its entirety a cultural and historical monument of vital importance. As the most important historical sites of Ulcinj, we suggest you to visit: Balšića Tower, the Palace, the courts and the Square of Slaves. 


Jaz is a beach located 3 km west of Budva. It consists of two parts, one with the length of 500m, and the other of 300m. Being one of the longest beaches in Montenegro it is a favorite among tourists. 


For its beauty, vastness and magnificent terrain, the Bay of Kotor is among the most interesting natural attractions of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by Mount Lovcen and the sea, Kotor is located at the end of the Bay of Kotor, officially one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. It is about 23 km from Budva. The old town is surrounded by high walls, above which rises the old fortress on the Sveti Ivan hill (260 m). 
The old town of Kotor has three gates. The gate facing the sea that led to the city promenade and coastline; The gate near the river faces the direction to Risan and Herceg Novi; while the gate of Gurdic, faces the direction to Trojica and the intersection of Cetinje - Budva. 
When you come to this town, you will be able to visit some of the most famous attractions: the walls of the old city, Cathedral of St. Tryphon, Church of St. Nicholas and St. Luke, Maritime Museum ... 
Since 1979 Kotor is on the UNESCO’s list of protected world cultural heritage. 

Tivat and Porto Montenegro 

Tivat is one of the youngest and most modern cities of the Bay of Kotor, situated 25km west of Budva. Porto Montenegro marina is situated in the Bay of Tivat. The marina was made by following the best world standards, which makes Tivat a very popular tourist destination. You will enjoy the luxurious resorts, sandy beaches and rich content of the marina Porto Montenegro. 

Lake Skadar 

The largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula is only 40 km away from Budva. The lake is filled with islands and peninsulas which have many traces of history and valuable cultural heritage, some of which are the Lesendro castle on a rock in the middle of the lake and the fortress Grmožur. Clear water and preserved environment enabled the development of extremely rich eco-system. This is the only habitat of pelicans in the south of Europe. 
Along the shores of the lake there are two small towns called Virpazar and Rijeka Crnojevića. Nearby are the remains of the town of Obod, where the first printing house was built. In 1494 the first book in this part of Europe, Oktoih, was printed here. 

If you need help with the organization of excursions and sightseeing tours in the surrounding towns and villages, we are always happy to assist you, your guests and your crew. For more information please contact +382 67552287 

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Marina Portonovi Kumbor-Montenegro


Portonovi is currently one of the largest investments in tourism in Europe. The tourist complex is located in Kumbor - quiet and secluded coastal settlement near Herceg Novi, between Meljine and Bijela. A modern marina is also a part of this world – class tourist complex Portonovi-Montenegro.

Portonovi Kumbor-Montenegro

Marina Portonovi will possess 220 berths for yachts and vessels of 8-75 meters. This will be one of the most important naturally protected marinas in the region, with excellent access to the Adriatic and other tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. The main part of the marina will be Yacht Club - Portonovi, which is designed for exclusive use of yacht owners.

The main task in the construction of the marina is to enable the safe use of berths throughout the year, taking into account the possibility of stormy weather with the wind power of over 44 knots.

Marina is designed to provide a safe berthing for smaller vessels that are owned by the users of villas and apartments, as well as mega yachts during the visits to the Bay of Kotor and Montenegro.

Portonovi Marina Services: 

  • 240 berths for boats with a maximum hull length (LOA) in the range of 8 to 75 meters; 
  • Gas station (capacity of 120,000 liters); 
  • Water supply and electricity; 
  • Toilets and showers; 
  • Yacht club; 
  • Wi-fi internet;
    Future look marina Portonovi

GPS coordinates of Portonovi Marina:N42 ̊43 ̓ 
                                                                 E18 ̊60 ̓

Portonovi Complex includes: 

  • Lower village 
  • Middle village 
  • Marina apartments 
  • Fisherman's Dock 
  • Upper village 
  • Marina 
  • Yacht club 
  • Portonovi Hotel - One & Only 
  • Restaurants and shops 
  • Tennis club 
  • Helipad 
Exclusive complex and marina

Berth offers for yachts and boats from 8 to 75 meters (LOA) in Portonovi – Kumbor marina: 

  • Long-term lease of berths in the marina - five-year, three-year, annual and semi-annual berths for your vessel; 
  • Seasonal berths - summer and winter berth for your yacht; 
  • Short-term rental berths - monthly, weekly and daily berths in the marina. 

If you are in need of assistance when booking berths for your yacht or vessel, contact Yacht Agent Montenegro in order to get the best deal!

Distance of Portonovi from Montenegrin marinas:

Marina Portonovi is located 3.5NM of the only town in the Bay of Kotor, which you can see from the open sea, called Herceg Novi. 

Marina Porto Montenegro-Tivat – This marina is located at only 4 NM from Portonovi. Since 2010, Porto Montenegro is the official port of entry of Montenegro, so you can finish all the formalities with the port authorities, customs and police here. Within the marina there is a gas station where you can purchase duty-free fuel.

Marina Kotor – It is located in the Bay of Kotor, only a few dozen meters from the Old Town. This port can also carry out all the necessary formalities regarding entry and exit from Montenegro. Distance of this marina from Portonovi is 10.6 NM.

Marina Lustica Bay - 12.5 NM separates Portonovi from the newly constructed marina Lustica Bay, which is a part of the tourist village. The marina has 176 berths which can accommodate vessels of up to 35m.

Marina Budva - Budva is the Montenegrin tourism metropolis. If you plan to sail into this marina, the old town walls and the bell tower of the church will be your main orientation points. Marina Budva has a Port Branch Office, border crossing and police. It is located 22NM away from Portonovi.

Marina Bar – It is located at 35NM away from Portonovi. In this port, you can complete all the formalities with the port authorities which are necessary for entry into Montenegro and exit from its territorial waters. Marina is equipped with a gas station, where you can supply your vessel (up to 40m) with duty-free fuel. Providing for the larger boats, yachts and mega yachts is carried out in the Port of Bar.

Port Zelenika - Zelenika port serves as the border crossing and is only 1.8 NM away from Portonovi-Montenegro. You can go through all the necessary procedures for entering and leaving the territorial waters of Montenegro here.

Distance of nearby airports from Portonovi:

Welcome!There are two airports in the close proximity of Portonovi: Tivat and Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik Airport can be reached in less than an hour's drive (33 km), while Tivat is only 18km away.
The airport in Podgorica is 105 km away. 
Each of the three airports has connections to major European destinations.

If you want to book a berth for your vessel at Portonovi marina or you are interested in buying some of the villas that are a part of the tourist complex, our agents have the best deals for you. For more information feel free to contact us through the contact form on the website of Yacht Agent Montenegro.