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Marina Porto Montenegro-Tivat

The most exclusive marina in Adriatic-Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a luxury marina for yachts placed in Tivat. It is one of the most exclusive marinas on Adriatic coast. Porto Montenegro is a resort that has marina for yachts from 12m to 250m length, residential hotel and business facilities. It has around 450 berths with short term reservation option, as well as long term berths reservation, up to 30 years. Porto Montenegro has a border passage status, which means that you can do all port and customs duties on entrance or exit of Montenegro territorial waters in it, and also, you can purchase duty-free diesel fuel for your vessel at any time.

Porto Montenegro - tax free diesel
Porto Montenegro-Tivat

Marina has a number of various services and some of them are:
- customs
- electrical current
- Wi-Fi internet
- 24-hour security...

Porto Montenegro is placed on only three hour flight from major European city, and have three airports nearby: airport Tivat (7 km), airport Dubrovnik (46 km) and airport Podgorica (90 km). All three airports are well connected by regular charter flights and you also can lend in private jets.

GPS coordinates of Marina Porto Montenegro-Tivat: N 42°43' 
                                                                                    E 18°69'

Distance by sea from Kotor 6 NM, Budva 22 NM, Ulcinj 50 NM, Bar 38 NM, Dubrovnik 37 NM, Lustica Bay 16,3 NM, Portonovi 4 NM.

In case you need an agent to do for you customs duties, or tax-free fuel, or you want to make reservation of berth, you can contact Yacht Agent Montenegro.

What is nearby?


Tivat is one of the recent and most modern towns in Boka Kotorska Bay. In spite of its yang age, Tivat has a lot of interesting and attractive sights. Renaissance mansion Buca downtown, Ostrvo Cvijeca (flower island), Upper Lastva, magnificent Plavi Horizonti (Blue Horizons) beach and Sveti Nikola (St. Nicolas) island are some of the sights you do not want to miss while in Tivat. The town itself has a natural marina Kaliman. Tivat is the only seaside town which has an airport.


Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor
Due to its beauty, vast and magnificent postures, Boka Bay is one of the most interesting sight of Mediterranean. Surrounded by mountain of Lovcen and sea, Kotor is placed on very end of Boka Bay, one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. This town surrounded by vast mid evil fortress is only 10 km far from Porto Montenegro. The mid evil fortress has tree entrances to town: one to the see, that will take you to promenade and shore; second over the river of Skurda, that will take you toward Risan and Herceg Novi; and third over Gurdic, fresh water spring, that will take you to Trojica hill and Cetinje-Budva crossroads. If you visit Kotor, be shore to don't miss sites like mid evil walls, St. Tripuns Cathedral, Churches of St. Nikola and St. Luka, Maritime Museum, etc. Kotor is on UNESCO list of world heritage since 1979. Marina Kotor has 30 berths.

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi-Montenegro
Herceg Novi
On significant and attractive space between mountain Orjen (1895m) and entrance in one of the most beautiful bays in the world Boka Bay, there is Herceg Novi, most recent mid evil town in Adriatic. If you have opportunity to be in this Boka Bay town we suggest that you see: Spanjola, Kanli Kula (tower), Sat Kula (clock tower), St. Jeronimo tower, Forte Mare, Citadela, etc. Herceg Novi is 20 km away from Tivat.


Jaz is a beach 20 km east of Tivat. It consists of two parts, one that is 500 m long and other that is 300 m long. It is one of the longest beaches in Montenegro and it is tourists favorite.

Old Town Budva

Old Town Budva , due to the fortress, is one of the oldest towns in Adriatic. Cobblestone streets, mid evil cathedrals, and ancient facades with streets shaped like a labyrinth. Preserved Old Town with modern coastal community and pictures k port, makes Budva today one of the most popular tourist centers of Montenegro. Budva has a marina of 300 berths. Budva is a host of numerous regattas, fears and festivals. It is 25 km away from Tivat.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan-Montenegro
Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan is peninsula 35 km away from Tivat. It is connected to the mainland with an artificial strip of land, and because of that is called "Montenegro Palm of Dubai". This is rather arguable because St. Stefan is a few centuries old, while Palm does not have a decade. This peninsula is the most luxurious resort in Montenegro, and in Adriatic sea as well.


Town of Bar, with port and marina, represent one of the most beautiful Montenegro destinations. Port and marina are at its core. Marina Bar has around 650 berths. There are hotels, restaurants, shops and banks nearby. Old Town Bar is 75 km east of Tivat. Well preserved remains of mid evil walls from the 9th century have a great whew of town and surroundings. The most appealing sight of Bar is old olive tree that has been here for more than two millenniums, and it is one of five oldest trees on planet.


Old Town Ulcinj is one of the oldest urban and architectural complexes in Adriatic. The opinion is unanimous of the old town with its ilirian fortress, citadel, markets and squares and particular landscape, represents a cultural and historical monument of wast significance. Our proposal is for you to see: Balsica tower, Palace and Castle, Slave market, etc. Ulcinj is 90 km away from Tivat.


Lovcen is the most important mountain and national park in Montenegro. It is 80 km away from Tivat. Mountain raises above Boka Bay. It is very high and it has two peaks: Stirovnik 1749 m above sea level, and Jezerski Vrh (1657m) on which there is a mausoleum of our famous poet and ruler Petar II Petrović Njegos. To reach mausoleum you have to climb 461 stairs. Mountain Lovcen area is famous for its cuisine, delicacies as Njeguska ham, their cheese and so sage.


Dubrovnik is town of Adriatic sea in south Croatia.It is well known cultural and touristic center of south east Europa. It has famous Old Town and many cultural and sacral monuments. It is onlu 70km away from Tivat.
Old town Dubrovnik-Croatia

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