Friday, April 13, 2018

Gastronomic journey around Montenegro

Hidden in the heart of Europe, Montenegro is a small country, which is ready to surprise you with a national cuisine and dishes that until now you maybe haven’t had the opportunity to taste. Whether you are a gourmet or not, if you choose sea specialties or some of the traditional Montenegrin dishes, you will definitely not remain indifferent. You can feel the taste in one day - in three meals.

Traditional Montenegrin dishes that we recommend you to try:

1. Njeguska prsuta and dried cheese

The most famous traditional Montenegrin appetizer is certainly a Njeguska prsuta, served with Njeguski sir (dried cheese), olives and homemade brandy or wine (Crnogorski Vranac, Vranac Procorde, Crnogorski Cabarnet, Crnogorski Merlot, Vranac Barik, Premijer, Medun). 
The secret of a unique and recognizable taste lies in good preparation, drying high-quality meat for several months.

Traditional Montenegrin dish

2. Priganice

The simplicity of taste and ease of combining with different foodstuffs are the characteristics of one of the most favorite specialties that resist the time - priganice. These soft ˝balls˝ are prepared from dough, fried in deep oil. It is traditionally served with homemade honey or jam, and can also be served as a salty dish, along with cheese.

3. Kacamak

Kacamak is a creamy, high-calorie dish made of potato and wheat or corn flour, whose taste is complemented by cheese and cream added in the end. The ideal combination with kacamak is homemade sour milk.

4. Meat under the ˝sac˝

The ˝sac˝ is the oldest method for preparing traditional food, where meat (veal, lamb, octopus, fish) and vegetables are placed under the metal cover. All this is covered with charcoal and ash, so that the meal is baked evenly and saves the flavor.

5. Japraci

The japraci are a Montenegrin variant of ˝sarma˝ prepared with meat and rice filling, wrapped in rastan (vegetable with hard green leaves) or vine leaves. This extraordinarily nutritious meal is cooked with dried meat, so it gets a fantastic flavor.

Montenegrin variant of "sarma"

6. Black risotto

If you’re a lover of seafood and risotto, this dish is the right choice for you. The risotto is a specific black color obtained from the octopus ink. This delicious specialty can be enriched with a glass of white wine (Crnogorski Krstač, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Podgoričko bijelo).

Octopus ink

7. Octopus salad

Octopus salad is also a popular dish in Montenegrin coastal restaurants. The availability of fresh octopus in Montenegro is what makes this salad special. Cooked meat of octopus is cut into pieces and seasoned, and usually combined with boiled potatoes, onion, tomatoes and olives.


White fish with the unique taste is one of the most famous fish of the Adriatic. Although it is rather forgotten, its exceptional aroma and taste will satisfy all your senses.

9. Fish soup

If you’re a soup-lover, we recommend you to try the traditional fish soup. This thick and spicy soup is prepared with several types of fish, with the addition of tomato sauce and paprika.

Traditional fish soup

10. Dried carp

The traditional meal of the Skadar Lake residents is smoked dry carp, which is served as the main dish with various additions like a boiled potato, onion and parsley. You must try this dish if you find yourself in Montenegro.

Skadar lake

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