Tuesday, July 6, 2021


With a favorable epidemiological situation and an increasing number of vaccinated citizens, Montenegro is becoming a favorite destination of more and more countries that are renewing air traffic to it. After a long pause, on June 10th, the new national airline Air Montenegro had the first flight to e-Belgrade and for the moment will obtain with serving regional routes. Russia, Kazakhstan and Istanbul have also resumed direct flights to Montenegro.

From 2nd July, Montenegro is added on "green listed" of the European Union as a COVID safe country.

Also, Montenegro has expanded the list of countries whose citizens can enter without any restrictions, such as tests or vaccination certificates (find a list of countries below in text).
These are current measures in our country summed up to ease your plans for arrival or stay in our country. 

New, liberalized measures are valid until the 16th of July.

Current covid measures in Montenegro
Marina Porto Montenegro

Entry in Montenegro:

⚓ All ports and marinas are open for entry of the yachts and vessels from all countries.
⚓ Airports Tivat and Podgorica are open for the arrival of both private and commercial flights but not all the lines are back running as usual.
⚓ All land border crossings are open for arrival.
⚓ Citizens of the Member States of the European Union, United States, Canada, State of Israel, Republic of Albania, the Russian Federation, the Swiss Federation, the Republic of  Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of North Macedonia, the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Kazakhstan can enter Montenegro without limitations.
Also, foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in these countries or who have stayed in these countries for a minimum of 15 days before entering Montenegro, can enter without restrictions.
⚓ Negative PCR not older more 72 hours, or positive IgG test not older than 30 days or confirmation that person has been vaccinated and revaccinated more than 14 days before arrival in Montenegro is needed for arrival from other countries.
⚓Passengers and crew of yachts, passenger ships and vessels entering Montenegro are allowed to come to our country with negative results of the PCR test, which was not older than 72 hours at the time of embarkment.

General restrictions:

* Masks are obligatory in all closed spaces.
* Bars and restaurants have not limitation in working hours, it’s usually from 7:00 until 01:00h, with a maximum of 4 people per table. Music is allowed on the terrace.
* Supermarkets, markets, shopping malls, boutiques, beauty salons, hairdressers and similar, have no more limitations in working hours.
* Gyms and fitness centers are open also without limitations.
* Public events, private gatherings, celebrations, parties, weddings, in outdoor public places and terraces/gardens of a hospitality facility are allowed with the presence of 100 persons.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021


GPS Coordinates:42.4350° N, 18.7066° E

Tivat is located in the central part of Boka Bay and represents a modern tourist destination interesting to tourists.
Tivat is one of the recent and most modern towns in Boka Bay. The town has a lot of interesting and attractive sights.

Porto Montenegro Marina
Marina Porto Montenegro

The biggest attraction of Tivat and the whole Montenegrin coast is surely the Marina Porto Montenegro, which is considered the most exclusive marina on the Adriatic. The combination of a spectacular destination and a modern marina will offer you a service on a world level.

Tivat is up to a three-hour flight from major European cities. Tivat is located internationally airport – Airport Tivat. There are two airports nearby: airport Dubrovnik (46 km) and Podgorica airport (90 km). All three airports are well connected by regular charter flights.


Naval Heritage Museum 
🟊 The Naval Heritage Museum is hidden out of the main village in Porto Montenegro, but it's well worth visiting. Porto Montenegro used to be called the Arsenal, one of the largest naval bases on the Adriatic, founded by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1889. The museum now houses over 300 exhibits of the area's naval history. There is even a restored Yugoslav submarine on site.

Islands in Tivat
View on "Holy Archipelago"
🟊 “Holy Archipelago” near Tivat consists of three islands – Sveti Marko island (Stradioti), the Island of Flowers and Our Lady of Mercy. All three of these islands are famous for numerous legends, rich history as well as holy places of pilgrimage.
🟊 Beaches around the Island of Sveti Marko and Ostrvo Cvijeca (Island of flowers), perfect for morning swimming.
🟊 Ljetnjikovac Buca (Mansion Buća) in the center of Tivat, a revitalized monument with gallery space and open air theatre where exhibitions concerts took place.
Solila in Tivat
Solila - Tivat
🟊 Solila is a special floristic-faunal reserve. They are located in the swampy part of the coastal zone of the Gulf of Tivat. It is interesting from the tourist point of view for birdwatchers that the flamingos or pennant bird, which is a very rare bird, lives in the area of ​​Solil. With their development in the future, 
Solila acquires the potential to become an ornithological park.
🟊 If you are a fan of beautiful views, we suggest a hiking tour to Gornja Lastva. Gornja Lastva is located in the hinterland of Tivat, at an altitude of about 300 m, on the slopes of the hill Vrmac. This village is mentioned in the XIV century and is one of the few preserved rural areas and as such attracts many tourists and tourists.


In Tivat are located numerous elite restaurants with international and local specialties.

Nikki Beach Restaurant
Source: montenegro.nikkibeach.com
🟊 Forza Porto - A spectacular restaurant, located in the Ksenija building offering an exquisite menu and uninterrupted views of the marina Porto Montenegro from a beautiful garden terrace.
🟊 Gallardo restaurant - the first traditional steakhouse in the area of Boka Bay. This restaurant is number one for tasty and contemporary meat dishes.
🟊 Murano - Located on the seafront, "Murano" restaurant brings a breeze of azure blue color and a flawless style of unobtrusive luxury. The menu centers around Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, prepared with locally sourced and organic herbs.
🟊 Nikki Beach Restaurant is an urban bistro, well known for delectable dishes inspired by Nikki Beach locations worldwide. This restaurant offers amazing combinations of food and unforgettable tastes of Mediterranean and international cuisine.


⚓ GPS coordinates of marina Porto Montenegro - Tivat:
N 42 25.992
E 18 41.454
⚓VHF 71
⚓ Max length – up to 250m
⚓ Customs formalities in the marina
⚓ Short and long term berthing options
⚓ Tax-free diesel
⚓ Free Wi-Fi
In front of port Tivat there is a possibility for anchorage even of big ships, due to depth of 18-20 m. On the east part of Tivat Bay (Podpolje beach) there are basins for breathing seashells and anchorage is strictly prohibited.
In Donja Lastva, on the east shore of Tivat Bay, between cape Seljanovo and the strait of Verige anchorage is recommended in front of the beach on a depth of 30m. Sea bottom is sandy and muddy and holds anchor well.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Opposite the narrow Verige strait, at the foot of the hill of St. Elijah and at the place where the Bay of Kotor and Risan separate, you must see and experience the town of Perast. As far as is known, it is the oldest human habitat on the shores of the Bay of Kotor. Remains of Neolithic culture (3500 BC), as well as numerous archaeological finds, testify to a continuous settlement from Illyrian, Roman and early Christian times to the present day.
Perast - Bay of Boka
Perast, we observe through a unique whole of the city, islands and sea. These elements are united in both the physical and the spiritual dimension of the city. The UNESCO-protected town with its impeccably preserved Venetian Gothic waterfront buildings has a magnificent past. Iconic postcard images of Perast and the two famous nearby isles of Our Lady of the Rocks and St George are amongst the best know tourism images of Montenegro.
Gospa od Skrpjela and Sveti Djordje
Lady of the Rock and St. George
 Photo: Iva Radic

The artificial island of Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela) was created by throwing stones and sinking ships on an underwater rock. The people of Perast chose this place to build a church on it because sailors saw an icon with the image of Mary, mother of Jesus on July 22, 1452. Every year on this date a memorial is held and sails to the island on boats where new stones are thrown from ritual and for practical reasons, to compensate for the stones carried away by sea. The church was built in 1630, and it was painted by the famous Baroque painter Tripo Kokolja from Perast. In addition to his frescoes, the church is adorned with 2,000 silver plaques donated by sailors as a token of gratitude that God kept them on their voyages.

Another island not far from Our Lady is called Saint George (Sveti Đorđe). There is also a church on this island. Originally, there was a city cemetery, which was moved to the northern part of the city in 1866, as well as a church from the 12th century, destroyed during the earthquake in 1667. Today, there is a new church built on the site of the old one. Throughout history, this island has had a military defense function, because it is located in the heart of Boka and near the narrowest part of the bay - Verige, so it protected Perast and Risan from external attacks from the sea.

Perast prospered in the Venetian period when its defensive towers and the Fortress of St. Cross were built above the town. The city grew to include over 20 baroque palazzi (palaces), 18 churches, and an important maritime school. This explains why the village has a distinctly Venetian feel to it even today, and an unusually high concentration of churches for what is now a much smaller village than it used to be.

What to do:

⚓ Exploring the narrow streets and alleyways that stretch back from the water.
⚓ St Nicholas' church dominates the central town square. It is a Catholic church with a 55-meter-high bell tower. The entrance fee for the tower is 1 Euro and the views from the top overlooking the bay and towards the two islands are magnificent.
⚓ A visit to the Nautical Museum will bring you closer to the history and culture of the place. The museum itself is located in a beautiful, well-preserved old house by the bay with a marvelous view of the sea.
⚓ Visiting the church and museum located on Our Lady of the Rocks.

Where to eat:

Restaurant in Boka Bay
Restaurant Catovica Mlini
⚓Restaurant Conte - with authentically Boka interior, stone and wood offering traditional meals and has access from the sea with the possibility of berthing (buoys and moorings) in front of restaurant terrace for smaller yachts but for bigger yachts and sailboats the restaurant has a tender (10 seats) to offer your guests free transfer from the anchorage.
⚓ Ćatovića Mlini - about 5 nautical miles from Perast, with our assistance, restaurant tender is at your disposal to pick up guests from your yacht directly from anchorage in Morinj to the restaurant.

Fun facts about Perast:

⚓ At its peak, in the middle of the 18th century, the Perast fleet consisted of about 100 larger ships. At that time, Perast was the main maritime city in the Bay of Kotor, celebrated on all seas. Perast ships sailed all over the Mediterranean, entering the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to England and the Netherlands.
Photo by Jovan Skakic
 ⚓On one occasion, a "rumor" reached Perast about a large number of pirates coming to plunder the city. The captains of Perast came up with a plan for the defense. In the narrowest place, they make an obstacle from chains (chains), from one side of the shore to the other. Chains were gathered around Perast and the surrounding places, from which a long defensive chain was made. Perast and the rest of Boka were defended. And so, the narrow passage in front of Perast was named Chains. People from Perast and the rest of Boka, chains and padlocks are not associated with slavery, but with great freedom.
 ⚓ Keeping the war flag called "Serenissima", for the full 377 years that the Venetian Republic ruled in this area, eight of its guards gave their lives, defending it! After the fall of the Veneto Republic, after Napoleon conquered Perast and Boka, the war flag was buried with a ceremony in Perast. To date, it has not been found.

The last of the three guards who buried the flag in secret, when asked to say where it was buried, answered - that the dead should not be disturbed.

Info for captains: 

The main docks in Perast are located under the church bell tower. These docks, just like the two smaller docks to the west and east of this one, are full of boats, most of them transporting passengers to Our Lady of the Rocks (there is a small dock on the island too). In the summer, you can only find a place to berth on the ‘main’ dock in the evening, when those boats stop sailing to the island. During bura winds, anchor closer to the eastern end of the town, and in sirocco, anchor at the beginning of the Bay of Risan.
Fasinada in Boka Bay
 Fasinada Cup

Today, Perast is an extremely peaceful town, and the turbulent life, wealth and glory of Perast and the people of Perast are history. However, with its beauty, Perast attracts modern sailors, travelers, artists, dreamers, eager for beauty and peace.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021


Located between the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and the high mountain Orjen you will be warmly welcomed in the biggest, sunniest and youngest city in the Bay of Boka - Herceg Novi. A city that has been ennobled by poets and painters over the centuries.

Although it is one of the youngest settlements on the Adriatic, it had a very turbulent history, and every one of the numerous conquerors had left a mark on the city, making it one of the most picturesque towns on the Montenegrin coast.

View on Herceg Novi and Boka Bay
Fortress Kanli Kula, Source: Tovougerbust

A city that has been destroyed and rebuilt nine times during its turbulent history. Rarely do any cities have a known founder, year and reason for existence. Herceg Novi was founded in May 1382 by the Bosnian king Tvrtko the First, between Dubrovnik and Kotor who were already considered as big and important towns. The reason why Tvrtko choose this geographical corner for his new city is that Novi is the most magnificent amphitheater of nature. A town on the slope of a high hill, between forests, palm trees, oranges and other southern flora.

It is enough to enumerate only the peoples who ruled this city and understand its value. Before Tvrtko Kotromanić here were: Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, and then Turks, Spaniards, Venetians, Austrians, Russians, French...The city was destroyed and rebuilt nine times.

WHY THE CITY OF SALT? The city was founded for the development of the salt trade and then it was named Sveti Stefan (yes, like the "current" Sveti Stefan-about fifty kilometers to the south). The old town lies just above the town’s marina. And this reminds that Herceg Novi has another nickname – the City of Stairs. To reach the old town from the seaside, you’ll need to go with one of the 100 001 stairs of town.

WHAT TO SEE? It is well known spa and health center, with nearby Igalo being abundant in healing sea mud called “igaljsko blato” (Igalo mud) and mineral water springs called “igaljske slatine” (Igalo water springs). The most famous tourist attractions in Herceg Novi are:

⚓ Old town - The Herceg Novi old town is amazing. It is on a fairly steep hill that leads all the way down to the sea. Wandering through the small stairways to the various plazas and fortresses is many hour adventures. There are both Orthodox and Catholic churches that are well worth visiting. Free.
Monastery Savina, Photo: Yuya Matsuo 
⚓Kanli Kula - (Old Town). The Kanli Kula fortress dominating the old town doubles as an open-air theatre and is worth visiting mainly for the splendid views of the town and the Boka Kotorska bay.
⚓ Espanola — The Španjola fortress located higher up the mountain (170 meters above sea level) dates back to the 16th century. Take a small street going upwards across from the Kanli Kula fortress. The entrance is free and you can freely climb the walls.
⚓Savina Monastery — The Savina monastery, approximately 2 km east from the city center has three beautiful Orthodox churches and splendid views of the bay.

The city itself is not a major destination for sunbathing, but there are many attractive beaches reachable by boat. It's just a few nautical miles away from beaches Zanjic, Miriste, Lustica...

A city that has a thousand-year-old authentic cultural heritage, especially 89 sacral gems, churches built from the 9th to the 19th century from which 75 Orthodox and 14 Catholic.

Tavern Feral, a family tavern is one of the restaurants that has been manage to preserve traditional food for over thirty years with a lot of love.

The konoba restaurant "Krušo" offers a wide choice of local and international dishes and a selection of the finest wines.

WHY? We concluded that Herceg Novi is worthy to stand next to its neighbors Dubrovnik and Kotor and that built its uniqueness and recognizability based on position, history and character.

Local Winery Savina, Source: Castelsavina

Perla Portonovi restaurant & cafe bar is situated in the heart of the exclusive resort community Portonovi - Montenegro essence.
Adriatica restaurant by the beach is unique in its own right and will offer its guests a cozy setting with a relaxed vibe, right after the ferry in Kamenari.
If you, however, find your self walking on the streets of Herceg Novi we would recommend you to check out traditional taverns like Tavern Krušo or Tavern Feral with great food and traditional coastal atmosphere.

Info for Captains:


Anchorage is permitted west and east from the port, in Meljine beach(this anchorage is very safe, even in south winds), near the port of Zelenika, or in front of Igalo (Topla beach). It is important to say that the end of this beach is shallow.

Marina Herceg Hovi
Marina Herceg Novi, Photo: Vuk Ilic
Port of Herceg Novi:

⚓ the length of the coast is 250 m,
⚓ depth along the coast is from 3m-9m,
⚓ the port has 40 berths,
⚓ the maximum length of mooring yachts is 30 m,
⚓ has 8 service cabinets for water and single-phase electricity 220 V, 50 Hz,
⚓ if necessary, there is a diver,
⚓does not perform repairs or take wastewater from the vessel,
⚓ no maritime pilotage required,
⚓ petrol pump for boats (Euro diesel, Eurosuper 95 and all types of lubricants)
⚓ no tax-free fuel.


In Montenegro tax-free diesel is available for private and commercial yachts.

In addition to the existing three fuel stations for tax-free diesel in Montenegro, another one has started operating. The new fuel station is located in the D-Marin Portonovi marina.


General information:

1. pier – length 70m and draft 9m
2. pier – length 35m and draft 12m
Quantity limitation: no limit
Working hours: 8:00 to 20:00 hrs

We remind you that, in addition to the Portonovi marina, duty-free fuel is also available in the Marina Porto Montenegro, Marina Bar and Port of Bar.

Important note: A valid vignette and a stamp with the yacht’s details (name of the yacht, registration number, and port of registry engraved in it) are required to acquire duty-free fuel. Upon completion of tax-free bunkering the yacht must leave the territorial waters of Montenegro without delay, except in some unexpected emergency situation with the allowance from custom and police authorities.

By standard retail prices of fuel, you can supply your vessel in Port of Kotor and Dukley Marina Budva.

Fuel dock in marina Portonovi
Source: themarketherald.com.au


VHF: 74

D-Marin Portonovi marina, guarantee the highest yachting standards for your yacht.
This marina has a status border crossing. Here you can finish all formalities with customs and port authorities on arrival and departure from Montenegro. Also, there is the possibility of short-term and long-term berthing.

Marina Capacity:

⚓ 238 berths, up to 120m
⚓ Support for deep draft yachts
⚓ Fuel station (including duty-free fuel supply)
⚓ Helipad access

General Services:

⚓ 24-hour check-in/check-out (Border Cross)
⚓ 24-hour water supply
⚓ 24-hour power supply (up to 630A)
⚓ 24-hour dock assistance
⚓ Toilets and shower
⚓ Underground garage and car park
⚓ Wi-Fi connection

Technical Services:

⚓ Black and grey water disposal
⚓ Oil waste disposal
⚓ Other services on demand

If you planning to visit Montenegro feel free to contact us to learn what our knowledgeable staff can do for you! We look forward to providing you the ultimate yachting experience in Montenegro.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


One of the places that you must visit, while sailing the Montenegrin coast, is the Blue Cave (Plava Spilja) on the Lustica peninsula in Boka Bay.

You can get to it only from the seaside. The cave is located about 4.5 NM from marina Lustica Bay, 7 NM from marina Portonovi, 10.5 NM from marina Porto Montenegro. From the port of Kotor, the Blue Cave is the distance by 17 nautical miles.

Blue Cave in Montenegro
Entrance to Blue Cave, Source: https://franks-travelbox.com

This is one of the most impressive sea caves in Montenegro.

Massive rock cave with reflective blue water about five meters deep that is great for boat tours, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.

Blue Cave in Montenegro
Blue Cave, Source: apartmani-igalo.com

The area of the Blue Cave is about 300 square meters. The water is between 3 meters and 5 meters deep, with 9 meters above sea level vault.

This cave can only be reached by yacht, tender or kayak. There are two entrances that allow for the smaller boats to enter the cave.

Visit and admire the reflection of blue light.

After Blue Cave, on coming back to one of the marinas in the Bay of Boka Kotorska you can see the Mamula fortress, visit fishing village Rose and other interesting places.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


As the massive vaccination has begun in our country and thanks to strong epidemiological measures from the past period, Montenegro is in a favorable position before the start of the tourist season. Coming out of the so-called "red list" and with completely open borders, we welcome the season, wishing our guests a welcome as a safe destination.
Due to the favorable trend of the epidemiological situation in Montenegro, new, liberalized measures will apply from 12. 5. 2021. - 20. 5. 2021.

Entry to Montenegro

⚓ All ports and marinas stay open for entry of the yachts and vessels from all countries.
⚓ Airports Tivat and Podgorica are open for the arrival of both private and commercial flights but not all the lines are back running as usual.
⚓ All land border crossings are open for arrival.
⚓ Negative PCR not older more 72 hours, or positive IgG test not older than 30 days or confirmation that person has been vaccinated and revaccinated more than 7 days before arrival in Montenegro is needed for arrival from all countries except Croatia, Albania, Russia Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo.

Excluded from this are: Essential transportation workers, including seafarers in transit, as per European Commission recommendations, that are embarking or disembarking in Port of Bar, Marina Budva, Port of Kotor, Marina Portonovi and Marina Tivat (Pier I and Pier II) where police and customs borders are operating.

NEW!! Passengers and crew of yachts, passenger ships and vessels entering Montenegro are allowed to come to our country with negative results of the PCR test, which was not older than 72 hours at the time of embarkation.

Entry to Montenegro
Boka Bay 

General restrictions

➤ On the territory of the whole of Montenegro, the ban on movement, which was valid from midnight to five in the morning, is completely canceled. Also, the ban on intercity traffic, which was in force on weekends, is completely canceled too.
➤ Masks are obligatory in all closed spaces and in open.
➤ Bars and restaurants are open, from 7:00 until 23:00h, with a maximum of 4 people per table. Music is allowed on the terrace.
➤ Supermarkets, markets, shopping malls, boutiques, beauty salons, hairdressers and similar, are working from 07:00 until 22:00.
➤ Gyms and fitness centers are open, from 7:00 until 22:00.

If you are planning to come to Montenegro and need detailed information, help or assistance feel free to contact the Yacht Agent Montenegro.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Marking the entrance of the UNESCO-protected Boka Kotorska Bay, Mamula - a fortress on a small rocky island-Lastavica lays around 3.4 nautical miles from the coastal town of Herceg Novi.

Circular shaped with a diameter of about 200 meters, surrounded by lots of agaves and with low vegetation fortress was built by Austro-Hungarian General Lazar Mamula in the mid-1800s to stop invaders from attacking the cities along the bay.

Mamula island - Boka Bay
Fortress Mamula 

Ironically, not a single cannon shot was fired from the fortress. Along with 2 other fortresses, Arza and Prevlaka, it was used to control the entrance to Boka Bay. But unfortunately, the island had a different fate, painful and dark, by which many films would later be made.

During the First World War, the Austrians used the fortress as a prison, and during the Second World War it's turned into a concentration camp. The prison could accommodate several hundred prisoners, today is one of the biggest and best-preserved Austrian fortifications on the Adriatic.

Mamula island in Boka Kotorska
Enterance in Boka Bay
The unique and secluded location gave the inspiration to shoot several movies including Campo Mamula 1959 movie about the history of this island. Also big Hollywood blockbuster Papillon found the perfect setting for the prison movie right here. Nymph (which was originally called Mamula) is a thriller/drama movie from 2014 that gives mermaids a darker, murderous side and it was filmed also on this island.

Recreantly, the Montenegrin government leased this protected cultural monument to be developed into a luxury 5-star resort, despite the opposition of the local population. Investors is turning Mamula into a unique hotel. After the reconstruction, the fortress will become a memorial museum open to visitors.

Despite the fact that the port on the island is abandoned, you can come close to dock with your tender or small boat for a short walk to feel a part of history.

You can swim, snorkel and scuba dive while on the island which is less than a nautical mile away from the bays of Zanjice and Miriste, overlooking the fortress of Arza. Mamula is an unavoidable place on your way through the Bay of Kotor.

Thursday, April 22, 2021


Moor at one of the two jetties, the floating pontoon belongs to Forte Rose restaurant. Guests arriving by yacht can moor here at a depth of 4-12 meters.

Pontoon: length up to 20m, width 4m. Large buoys away from the mule.

Small captains village in Boka Bay
View on Rose - Montenegro, Source: Ranko Maraš
Rose, small captain’s village is cuddled with mountains and Mediterranean forests, located right on entering the Bay of Kotor, on the North-Western shore of the peninsula Luštica, just opposite Herceg Novi, 1.7 nautical miles away.

Village Rose  in Boka Bay
Beautiful Rose promenade,
Source: Milos Samardzic 
It has the appearance of a typical Mediterranean place with a row of houses upstairs by the sea in the style of Boka architecture. The farewell of fishermen who go fishing at night with lanterns introduces visitors to the Mediterranean spirit and reminds them of the simplicity of life by the sea.
And before they became a reservoir of the most beautiful memories for those who found their summer refuge here, Rose was shaped by history. This used to be the ancient Greek settlement of Punto Rosa, which was destroyed by the Saracens (as Europeans called the Arabs in the Middle Ages) in 867. Since then, Rose has failed to regain her former glory. Rose in the past often served as a shelter for sailing ships, and at one time there was customs and the Port Authority, as well as a quarantine for sailors entering Boka.
There is an Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity in Rose, surrounded by the cemetery, where many well-known Maritime captains were buried. Also, the Church of Holy Mother, built in 1783. by the Venetian general Antonio Alberto.

Luxury resort Forte Rose
Walk through resort Forte Rose, Source: Forte Rose

Forte Rose’s famous Mediterranean restaurant used to be the lighthouse for the bay and boasts views of Rose, Herceg Novi and the Bay of Kotor. A luxurious and private dining experience best known for its freshly caught seafood cuisine, meat, vegetarian dishes, breathtaking sunsets and exceptional wine list.

Note: The floating pontoon belongs to Forte Rose. Guests arriving by yacht can moor here at a depth of 4-12 meters. Mooring lines are available, but water is not. One or two yachts can get electricity on request. In addition to the docking facilities at the floating dock, the Forte Rose restaurant has deployed some large buoys with a very solid concrete block.

During the dive on dive site "Rose" you can see ancient chains, anchors, cannonballs and as well fragments of ancient pottery - jugs, amphorae, plates, etc. This dive site is a very popular site for scuba diving in Montenegro because of its history. A large number of divers come to this area to engage in underwater archaeological research and to see the old wrecks of ships and planes from times long past that lie on the bottom.

And everyone who stepped in there, and as soon as he stepped in had to stay or come back and will tell you the same thing - Rose is a hidden place for sunbathing your soul.

Friday, April 2, 2021


Here is a brief update related to Covid 19 measures in Montenegro, valid until 9th April 2021.

Entry requirements

⚓All ports and marinas in Montenegro are open for entry of the yachts and vessels from all countries.

⚓Airports Tivat and Podgorica are open for the arrival of both private and commercial flights but not all the lines are back running as usually.

⚓ All land border crossing are open for arrival.

Negative PCR not older more 48 hours, or positive IgG test not older than 30 days or confirmation that person has been vaccinated and revaccinated more than 7 days before arrival in Montenegro is needed for arrival from all countries except Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo starting from 13. 3. 2021.

If a person does not have PCR test and it is required for them from the mentioned measures then a self-isolation measure is demanded on their vessel or in their accommodation. After six days isolation can be suspended if a negative PCR test is provided.

Marina Porto Montenegro - Tivat

General restrictions

⚓ Masks are obligatory in all closed spaces and in open if there is more then one person together.

⚓ In all cities, curfew starts from 22:00 until 05:00.

⚓ In some cities like Tivat, Herceg Novi, Budva, Kotor, Ulcinj, Bar, Podgorica, Cetinje bars and restaurants are open and use only outside terrace areas, until 21:00h, with a maximum of 2 people per table. Music is still not allowed. Non-hospitality services, boutiques, beauty salons, hairdressers and similar, are working from 07:00 until 21:00.
Is not allowed for residents to leave territories of these municipalities.

⚓ Several Montenegrin cities are in strict lockdown. Cities under lockdown at this moment are Niksic and Savnik.

⚓During weekends (from Friday 21:00 until Monday 05:00) it is not allowed to go from one city to another without having permission from authorized personnel.

These are current measures in Montenegro summed up to ease your plans for arrival or stay. You can as well contact us for any information, help or assistance via email or phone number.